Thursday, 17 September 2015

Load Testing: Is it what you missed to test after mobile app development? Don’t Miss it before launch, as it can backfire

Mobile apps offer a lucrative mix of technology and e-commerce on the go. Being on mobile gives your business a prominent share in the marketing domain. Have you on your part ever contemplated your readiness and the fact what if the app just crashes when it is needed most? A word of caution here – ensure Load Testing procedure is followed before you launch the app lest it may backfire and sting hard!

Load Testing is a non-functional software testing that helps understand the system behavior when subjected to a specific load (traffic). An automated process, it allows the organizations to study system’s behavior at the backdrop of normal and prime traffic conditions. It helps determine the maximum operating capacity and bottlenecks and also identify the factors hampering the performance of the mobile application. It is a process based on real-time user traffic movements, which allows organization to check the influence by altering the number of users vising the application at a specific period of time. The aim of load testing is to determine the maximum work capacity that a system can ultimately handle without any symbolic changes in the performance.
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